The 6 Most Powerful Things You Can Say to Your Struggling Child

  1. It’s okay to feel [mad/sad/scared/etc]. I am right here if you need support.

  2. I know this is hard, and I believe you can handle it.

  3. I know this feels hard, and we are going to keep trying until it feels easier.

  4. I am going to take care of myself by [taking some deep breaths, stretching, getting a drink of water, etc.]. You are welcome to join me.

  5. I know that we can get through this together. We can make a plan as soon as you can [stop hitting me/ take a seat/ use a quieter voice, etc].

  1. You can be mad at me if you need to. You can take some space away from me if you need to. No matter what, I am not going to stop loving you.

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